ParkMaster makes parking easy!

Modern cars seem to be designed to make it impossible to judge exactly how much room there is when reversing into a parking space. Cobra's mastery of ultrasonic technology gained by their leading position in the development of vehicle security has now been applied to help contribute to safer driving. ParkMaster now gives drivers 'eyes in the back of their head'. ParkMaster accurately measures the distance between the car and any obstacle, allowing manoeuvring of the car safely and reliably down to 30cm.

ParkMaster automatically creates an invisible detection zone as soon as reverse gear is selected. As you move towards the obstacle ParkMaster's audio signal starts warning you. As soon as you close the distance the audible signal will increase in frequency until a constant tone tells you you're within 30cm.

No bumps, no scrapes, no problem!

Parkmaster is ideal for vehicles with restricted rear vision such as 4x4's and MPV's. Making parking in a tight spot, when picking up school children or in a car with a high boot so much easier and safer, avoiding damage to the vehicle.

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