Navigate your way into the future with DVD. During the development phase ease of installation and use were the prime considerations, as well as compatibility with numerous other VDO Dayton systems. The futuristic design of the MS 5500 satisfies the demand for good looks, making the system an eye-catching addition to any car. When combined with the 5.8" high-end TFT MM 5010 monitor, which comes in a 16:9 format and features an integrated loudspeaker, the MS 5500 is the perfect passport to the multimedia age. The monitor's outstanding resolution, the dual video interface and a new software package make this exceptionally easy to install, multimedia-ready screen one of VDO Dayton's top products.

Highlights DVD-ROM Drive Dynamic Navigation via TMC (requires MT 5011 TMC Receiver) incl. Individual Adaptation: - Delay: maximum traffic delay time before offering a detour - Horizon: distance in which traffic congestions are considered - Re-routing Level: adjustable sensitivity for detour planning Traffic Info on Route Graphic Alternative Route Function Map Scale Selectable (0.1 - 1,000 km) 16:9 - 5.8" Widescreen Colour Monitor with Integrated Loudspeaker IR Remote Control HTML-like POI/Travel Info Browser Extensive Destination Input Possibilities: - Country, City, Street, Crossing, House Number - ZIP Code Entry (Depends on Map) - QXS Quick Access Street Search (Depends on Map) - Latitude/Longitude - Points of Interest (Petrol Station, Car Park, Airport, Cinema etc.) - Travel Guide (e.g. Varta, Michelin)

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