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CobraTrak Plus:


Because your vehicle is unique and precious to you, you naturally want to keep it safe and secure. Only Cobra tracking services are sophisticated enough to deal with today's car thieves.


Get the highest possible quality and protection, approved by the industry’s leading and most severe insurance organisations (Thatcham, SRA, SCM, Assuralia, PIMOT) to help ensure your vehicle is rapidly recovered and to allow you to reduce your insurance cost.


If your vehicle gets stolen, it gets tracked and located from the certificed Secure Operating Centre (SOC) which then liaises with the police authorities to help recover your car.


Thanks to the latest GPS and GSM technology, your vehicle gets recovered throughout Europe. A network of 36 SOCs across 36 European countries collaborate to deliver a seamlessly integrated service liaising with the relevant national police authorities.


Highly trained staff work around the clock 7 days a week, 365 days a year to respond to alerts, speaking with you in your native language, wherever you are.

- Simple entry-level stolen vehicle recovery system with Pan European tracking coverage
- Alert service when unauthorised movement of the vehicle is detected - Integral battery back-up
- Recognised by many leading insurers in the UK and Ireland
- Thatcham Q-class / TQA listed
- Sold Secure approved.


Subscription £138.00 Year Or £185.00 With self web tracking facility

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