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CD MP3/WMA Player

for original Volkswagen BETA and GAMMA radios.

  • CD Audio/MP3/WMA Player
  • Integrated SD/MMC Card Slot
  • Original equipment-like car Easy Installation


CD Audio/MP3/WMA Player

The enhanced CD player is compatible with regular shaped

12 cm disks in CD Audio, CD-R, CD-RW and Multisession CD

format, but also capable of playing CDs containing MP3 and

WMA .les. If available, ID3 tags for DIRECTORY, ARTIST,

ALBUM and TITLE are displayed. Please note that copy protected

CDs which do not comply with international audio CD

standards (Red Book) may not be supported.


SD/MMC Card Slot

For even more music enjoyment, you can insert SD or MMC

cards for the playback of MP3 and WMA .les.

Car Integration


The MP3/WMA player . fits perfectly into the Volkswagen

car environment thanks to illumination and design

customization. (LCD Illumination: typical Volkswagen Blue

Positive, Key Illumination: familiar Volkswagen Red)


Easy Installation

The Mounting of the CHM 105 MP3/71 is foreseen underneath

or above the original Volkswagen radio in the second DIN slot

by just replacing the deposit tray.


The CHM 105 MP3/71 is an addition to Volkswagen‘s

original Beta and Gamma head units.


Due to the matching illumination and corresponding design the

product integrates very well into the Volkswagen‘s car



The CHM 105 MP3/71 can easily be connected to the head unit as a plug & play solution.


Standard product information Car Compatibility*


For installation the VW Beta/Gamma radio

must support ISO connectivity and the car

must be equipped with double DIN slot for

in-dash mounting. These conditions can be

found for example in:

• Lupo 99

• Lupo 3L

• Polo 00 (GP) KW45/01

• Polo 02 (A04)

• Polo 04 Limousine

• Passat 00***

• Golf IV 98

• Golf IV R32 KW34/02

• Golf Variant 00

• Bora 99

• Bora Variant 00

• Sharan (GP) 00

• T5 commercial vehicle. CW 14/03




Flylead: Ext. Illumination


* In cars equipped ex factory with phone pre-arrange-

ment or with a car phone mounting the phone

interface box is found in the second DIN Slot.

In order to mount the MP3 player, there is a need

to relocate the phone interface box to another


*** We have been advised that a small modification

is needed to the rear of the dash on some Passat's.


Product Design

• Black Finish

• Blue Positive Display Colour

• Red Key Illumination

• Automatic Power On


CD-Audio/MP3/WMA Player

• CD MP3 Player

• Scan/Random Tracks

• Previous/Next/Fast

• Fast Forward/Fast Rewind


• CD-Multisession

• CD Text


MP3 Speci.c Data

• Max. 50 Directories per CD

• Max. 255 Tracks per CD

• ID3 Tag (Version 1 & 2)

• Max. 30 Characters per Name

• Bit Rate: 8 – 320 kbps

• Sampling Frequency: 8 - kHz48

• MP3 Decoding MPEG 1/2 Layer 3

• MP3 Decompression 8 - 320kbps

• WMA version 9 or lower

(Protected WMA formats may not be supported)


SD/MMC Card Slot

• Mounting Brackets/Screws

• Supports MP3/WMA .les

• Previous/Next/Cue/Rewind

• Scan Tracks

• Random Play

• Next Folder/ Previous Folder

• Fast Backward/Forward

• Maximum number of songs for SD card

is 200 and maximum number of folders

is 50: 600 MB

(It can support more than 600 MB with smaller

size of MP3 song)


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