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The Connects2 iConnect-FM is a universal iPod adapter enabling you to connect your iPod to any car radio with an aerial input connection. Whats more it will charge your iPod while connected.

The Connects2 iConnect-FM plays high quality music from your iPod through your existing car entertainment system. There is no longer a need for cassette adapters, cigarette lighter chargers or illegal FM transmitters - you can start enjoying crisp, clean CD quality music with iPod charging from your existing car entertainment system. Imagine having access to all of your music on your iPod at the touch of a button.

The Connects2 iConnect-FM is an ideal option if...

  • There is no Connects2 iPod adapter available for your factory fitted or aftermarket radio.
  • The changer port on your radio is already in use by another device.
  • There is no Audio Line-In on your radio.
  • Your radio does not have changer control.
  • You are driving a leased or classic car.

    The iConnect-FM Modulator transforms the audio signal from your iPod to CCIR standard Stereo FM radio signal and this enables the iPod to transmit sound through the carís FM radio. You then store and play your iPod on one of your radio presets giving you easy access.


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