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ViseeO MBU1000 Mercedes Bluetooth Adapter for Nokia Cradles

ViseeO MBU1000 Mercedes Bluetooth Cradle Adapter allows you to connect virtually any Bluetooth mobile phone to a Mercedes Benz and talk hands free. For use with pre-2005 cars with a Nokia cradle.

• For use with older cars with a fixed cradle designed cradle for these phones
Nokia 6210
Nokia 6150
Nokia 6310 / 6310i (Both versions 1 and 2)

• The ViseeO MBU-1000 is the same size and shape as the original Nokia phone
• Allows hands-free bluetooth and faultless operation where Mercedes Benz provide no option or solution at all!
• Other 3rd party solutions often cannot mute the audio, and also require professional installation. The MBU-1000 is just the perfect solution to a huge problem

Works with iPhone Works with Bluetooth mobile phones
If you have Bluetooth, you can probably use a ViseeO. It works with every phone ever tested, including iPhone, iPhone 3G and BlackBerry phones.

Emulates a real phone, so integrates perfectly, and all normal functions work perfectly
• Works with integrated controls on steering wheel
• Uses existing integrated microphone
• Mutes audio on your sound system to make and answer calls
• Synchronises contacts with the Comand System (with most phones)
• Microphone fine-tuning for crystal clear sound without echoes
** Please note: SMS messages don't transfer to the car screen


No Installation required!
• Install it yourself! No wires, tools or trim removal. Just clip it in.
• Easy, starts instantly, and requires no expertise at all.
• Once installed, just pair the device in less than 30 seconds, and you’ll have clear, echo free Bluetooth hands free communication with the phone of your choice.
Download the MBU-1000 User Manual.

Use multiple phones
• Link up to 3 devices. ViseeO will automatically connect with any of them
• Separate phone books for each device, maintaining privacy
• Connects automatically on start up. ViseeO will continue synchronising contacts in the background.
• Perfect if you have multiple drivers or multiple phones

It’s the only solution!
Owners have simply been abandoned by Mercedes Benz, who provide no option or solution at all!



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