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Motorola Hands Free Car Kit TK30 inc Music Play

The Motorola Hands Free Car Kit - TK30 is a high quality and versatile music playing device. It is made for iPod and other music players but is also an excellent bluetooth kit, allowing users to make and receive calls without handling their mobile phone. This superb kit can also be used with a Connects2, Steering Wheel or Steering Wheel & Display, integration device depending on the car. It can also be updated directly from the TK30 Motorola Hands Free Car Kit page via a USB memory stick which is easily plugged in.

Made for iPodWorks with iPhone

Motorola Hands Free Car Kit

One of the benefits of this device is the Advanced Multipoint™ Performance. This allows users to keep 2 phones connected simultaneously, with ability to put one call on hold (say from a personal phone) while answering a second call (from a business phone).

To see the many great functions of this device, view a Motorola TK30 video demonstration here.

The TK30 can convert incoming text messages to speech, so that drivers can keep their eyes on the road, even reading out common text slang and abbreviations into correct words.

This device carries the ‘Made for iPod®, works with iPhone®, logos ensuring it has been developed to meet Apple’s high performance and connection standards. This enables your iPod device to be controlled directly from the Motorola kit - accessing tunes and playlists, the TK30 even charges the iPod.

Because each speaker is driven independently, users experience richer hi-fi sound without distortion. The result is louder, clearer music, more clarity during calls and better sound all round.

This device also uses audio and on-screen reminders. Here if a driver gets into the car without their phone then they will be prompted and similarly if they leave the car with a music device still plugged in.

Motorola TK30 Standard Features

Motorla TK30

• Display with integrated control wheel - simple clean design,
• Device can be installed for either left or right hand use (please see that the 2 pictures are different) but also giving more options as to where device can be mounted,
• Multifunction wheel & scroll button,
Easy to use menu system,
• New product for 2010,
• Size is 101.5 x 36 x 17.7mm (navi button depth is extra).

TK30 for Calls

We fit the fully integrated stereo mute version, allowing radio/music playing devices to be muted when a call begins and resume play when finished.

• Cutting edge noise cancellation technology eliminates background noise from inside the user's car, so voice conversations can always be heard,
Automatic phonebook download (requires compatible phone),
• Multipoint 2 phone connection,
Text-to-Speech (requires compatible phone),
• Audio reminders.

Motorola Hands Free Car Kit Music Player

When in music mode the Green/Red - Yes/No buttons become blue for forward and rewind functions (see first picture on this page).

Made for iPod, works with iPhone,
• Comes with cables (Apple dock, USB & 3.5mm jack) usually fitted in glove compartment or centre console,
Charges iPod,
• Delivers rich stereo sound,
• 60W of rich four-channel sound,
• Can also stream music via bluetooth (requires compatible phone).

Connects2 Steering Wheel/Steering Wheel & Display Integration

These functions are car dependent and involve fitting a second device to integrate the Motorola TK30 to work with the car steering wheel controls.

Motorola TK30 steering wheel integration

On some vehicles it will also be possible to see full phone book browsing, and full iPod integration through the car display.

Availability of this product is limited to Audi, Citroen, Mercedes, Peugeot, Renault, Vauxhall and VW, The cost of this add on device also depends on the car, and as there are so many different possibilities, we will phone you back with a price.

Motorola Easy Upgrade Via USB Connection

Users can make sure their system is always up to date. When they buy a new phone the latest software can be downloaded from the Motorola site (link in first paragraph of this page). This can easily be installed by saving the update on a USB memory stick and simply plugging it into the USB connection cable installed in the car.


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